Saturday, November 10, 2007

Giving thanks for .... modern technology

Katherine and I are at our daughter's in Goldsboro, NC for a few days. On the way down, we read books, but also have been able to join in the Hours, thanks to Ancient Faith Radio. As we began each morning, we "prayed" Matins, and the 1st, 3rd, and 6th hours. As the sun set on Thursday, and as we neared our first night's destination, with the setting sun in the rear view mirror, we "prayed" Vespers, the 9th hour and compline!

During the week, when I'm commuting to my job, I listen to various things, the appropriate hours included. What a joy to be taken up to heaven while on the road!

But there were other things, too.

Katherine and I listened to Deacon Gregory Roeber, Christopher Orr, Father Gregory Hogg, and Father John Fenton (some more than once!) Although we couldn't be at the recent Colloquium in Detroit, we could certainly participate in Spirit, joining in the conversation!

Technology can at times be a curse -- but what a blessing to be "present" for things we couldn't physically participate in, to read blogs like "Glory to God in all things" saving files written and audio for meditation and sharing.

And what a blessing to be able to copy some of these things, leaving them with friends and former colleagues, that they might see the ancient faith.

Tomorrow, we plan to join the community of Holy Trinity in Raleigh for the second time this year -- a drive of just under an hour and a half, but worth every minute to expose our daughter and her family to the Church!

Glory to God in all things!


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