Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Ecclesiology of the Cross

Father Stephen's post of this name at Glory to God for All Things (link on the side) was another "winner." As I read it, I was reminded of some of my own thinking and my own questions over the years.

It also struck home because I've been listening to the reading of Father Arseny while working in my shop the last several days. I've read both books at least once, but I find that listening to them is particularly poignant and meaningful. (Audio book available at

In my thinking, Father Stephen's essay is "lived" or "in the flesh" in Father Arseny and his life.

"It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me!"

It is one thing to "talk" about the faith -- but it is quite another to live that faith.

Glory to God for all things!

(Thank you, Father Stephen)



Dixie said...

Don't you just love listening to those Father Arseny audio files? That is how I was first introduced to the story. I particularly liked the alternating speakers...the woman with the Russian access and the man with the American accent. And I would be driving down the road crying and crying. What an amazing story and a sharp contrast, as you pointed out, to the "prosperity" crowd.

I was newly Orthodox when I first listened and I recall being so thankful to have been brought to this true and full celebration of the Christian faith.

One thing though...I downloaded the files onto my mp3 player but I noticed that a few of the chapters were "cut short"...had you noticed this as well? Perhaps the problem was in my downloading....

Ezekiel said...

I haven't checked carefully as to editing in the audio version. I suspect they may have done so -- still, the impact of all of it is astounding, what a blessing!

Just checked my book -- unfortunately, I didn't date the acquisition -- I think that I got the book the end of 2005 just before "officially" leaving the Lutheran church.