Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Welcome, Father Achilles!

On this Sunday past, 2 November, I received a great birthday present. (That was 62 years)

Bishop DEMETRIOS of Mokissos presided at a Heirarchical Divine Liturgy welcoming our new priest, Father Achilles!

Father Achilles comes to us from St. Nicholas Parish in St. Louis, and is not a stranger to many of us. He was Deacon, then assisting priest at St. Nicholas, and now he comes to us with his lovely wife and children.

A young man, he is one of those men who humbly carries himself as a priest -- meeting him in public places is a joy as he radiates the love of Christ and His humility.

We certainly pray that God will bless Father with many years -- and we also pray that he will lead us at Sts Constantine and Helen to repentance and growing life in Christ our God.

Glory to God for all things!


DebD said...

congratulations to your little parish.

Isaac said...

Brother Ezekiel,

Just found your blog... I know Fr. Achilles from my brief time (year and a half) in St. Louis. Be sure to let him know that Isaac Crabtree and his wife Arlie (Maria) say hello and ask his blessing.

God really has blessed your parish, as he is such a great priest! Pious, humble, and many other virtues. He's also young and full of energy. I cannot remember his Indian-American Presbytera's name, but I hear she is great also.

I'm a 26 yr old convert to the Orthodox Church (almost five years ago, wife also), and I'm now in my third year of law school. Be sure to tell Fr. Achilles that I'm in law school when you see him-- I don't think I told him that before I left St. Louis.