Friday, April 10, 2009

Blessings taken for granted?

As we received the blessing of the Presanctified Liturgy Wednesday past, I was filled with thanksgiving at the abundance of grace received.

As we read and chanted the psalms and lessons of that eveing service, I reflected on the fact that this is the way that Scripture is most to be received --- in praying it! Throughout Great Lent, in the readings and lessons, the hymnody of the Church and in our priest's homilies, the marvelous grace of God has shined abundantly through. Everything finds its meaning and center in Christ, in His incarnation, life on this earth, truly Man, and in His death and resurrection. Over and over these themes are interwoven, and the whole of salvation history is repeated.

Fully understanding the busy nature of peoples' lives, and pondering my own work schedule which doesn't allow the attendance that I'd like, it still saddens me to see so many just not taking time to participate in these rich mysteries, these opportunties to be joined in Christ, literally.

Once again, I was overwhelmed as I saw the whole of history rehearsed in the light of God's great love for mankind -- and I thought of the blessing for parents who bring their children regularly, for over time they will grow in living the life that is theirs in Christ our God. They will learn through repetition the marvelous narrative of Holy Scripture in the context of Holy Mother Church, and they will be blessed to pray and live their salvation now, as well as for all eternity.

Now, we prepare to enter Holy Week with its many blessings and opportunities to walk with Jesus, to experience His grace and mercy. We have the opportunity to join with one another in the Temple nearly "around the clock!" Priests will faithfully serve at all hours, whatever the number present.

I urge you to join me in being present as much as you can ... during the day and every evening as we again ponder the Mystery of love beyond all telling. And I hope that I will indeed "see" you as we join on Saturday evening for the reading of Acts ... and then Orthros and the glorious cry, "Christ is Risen!"

Let's not take these blessings for granted. Turn off the TV. Say "no" to anything not essential. Get the family in the car ... go to Church! Marvel at the Mystery, receivng the Light and Truth!

Rich blessings in Christ our God, in the name of the Father, the Son + and the Holy Spirit!


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