Thursday, August 26, 2010

God in a Box

Fr. Stephen at Glory to God for All Things has written a marvelous post entitled Treasure in a Box. He has dealt with history and other issues in a way that causes me to say, "Why couldn't I have come up with that?"

Bottom line: in Holy Orthodoxy, God isn't kept in the box!

His insights describe very well things that I wrestled with for years.

Read it! It is worth it!

On another note, it seems that many of my former Luther colleagues wrestle a lot with Orthodoxy for various reasons. Benjamin Harju, a former Lutheran pastor and friend, offers "good stuff" at his blog, Paredwka: Catching the Ball.

When dealing with other communions, it is important to deal with what they actually teach, and not react to a caricature or what we think they teach!

Christ is in our midst!

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